79th PVI

The original Lancaster Fencibles were pre-war musicians, initially summoned into service when President Lincoln sought volunteers. The Fencibles were mustered into service for 90 days to guard bridges in Maryland. After this time, some of the members continued their service. Enlisting in the 79th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, also known as the 79th PVI. The current Lancaster Fencibles, in this our 44th year, take part in parades, ceremonies and live shooting competitions. Events include Lincolns Birthday Ceremony in Washington D.C., Buchanans Birthday Ceremony in Lancaster, Remembrance Day in Gettysburg, Memorial Day Parades and some living history events. Most of the fencibles participate in live shooting matches as members of the North-South Skirmish Association (N-SSA). Skirmishing is an exciting activity which features individual and group competition and are held regionally and at Nationals, the latter of which is a large event with thousands of competitors held at Fort Shenandoah, Winchester, Va. Competition at Nationals includes small arms, mortars, artillery and period clothing. Every unit in the N-SSA has their own campsite at Fort Shenandoah and members can use the campsite through out the year.